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Please compile with relevant authority, there might chances of interpretations or data preparation errors.
Chapter 5: Products Of Animal Origin Not Elsewhere Specified Or Included

Focus Market Products Sub-Heading

HS Code Sub Heading Description
53089090 Sisal Yarn (other Yarn )
5309 Woven Fabrics Of Flax
53109020 Decorte Fbrcs Of Jute
5407 Technical Textiles Woven Fabrics Of Synthetic Filament Yarn
5512 Synthetic Textiles Fabrics
5513 Synthetic Textiles Fabrics
5514 Synthetic Textiles Fabrics
5515 Synthetic Textiles Fabrics
5516 Synthetic Textiles Fabrics
5603 Nonwovnsw/n Imprgntdcoatdcovrd/lamintd
560410 Rubber Thread And Cordtextile Covered
56071010 Cordagecablerope And Twine Of Jute
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56072900 Othr Twinerope Etc Of Sisal Or Other Textile Fibres Of The Genus Agave
56073000 Manila Rope / Yarn/ Twine
56079010 Coir Cordage And Ropes Othr Than Cotton (jute)
560811 Made Up Fishing Nets Of Man-made Txtl Matrls
58043000 Hand Made Lace
58079010 Labels Badges And Similar Articles Of Felt Or Non- Woven
58081090 Braids In Pcs Other Than Of Cotton
5903 Textile Fabrics Imprgntdcoatd Cvrd/lamntd Wth Plastics Excl Those Of Hdg No. 5902
59061000 Adhesive Tape Of A Width Not Excdg 20 Cm.
590699 Other Rubberised Textile Fabrics
5908 Txtl Wickswovenplaited/knittedfor Lampsstoveslighterscandles Etc;incandescent Gas Mantles Etcw/n Impregnated
5909 Textile Hosepiping & Smlr Txtl Tubing Wth/wthout Lining Armor/accssrs Of Othr Matrls
5910 Trnsmsn/convyr Blts/bltng Of Txtl Matrl Wh/nt Imprgntd Cotdcovrd/lamntd Wth Plstcor Rinfrcd Wth Mtl/othr Matrl

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