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Indian Custom Duty

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Chapter 87: Vehicles Other Than Railway Or Tramway Rolling Stock And Parts And Accessories Thereof

Indian Custom Duty Sub-Heading

HS Code Sub Heading Description
8701 Tractors (other Than Tractors Of Heading 8709)
8702 Motor Vehicles For The Transport Of Ten Or More Persons Including The Driver
8703 Motor Cars And Other Motor Vehicles Principally Designed For The Transport Of Persons (other Than Those Of Heading 8702) Including Station Wagons And Racing Cars
8704 Motor Vehicles For The Transport Of Goods
8705 Special Purpose Motor Vehicles Other Than Those Principally Designed For The Transport Of Persons Or Goods (for Exmple Breakdown Lorries Crane Lorries Fire Fighting Vehicles Concrete-mixters Lorries Spraying Lorries Mobile Workshops Mobile Radiol
8706 Chassis Fitted With Engines For The Motor Vehicles Of Heading 8701 To 8705
8707 Bodies (including Cabs) For The Motor Vehicles Of Heading 8701 To 8705
8708 Parts And Accessories Of The Motor Vehicles Of Headings 8701 To 8705
8709 Works Trucks Self-propelled Not Fitted With Lifting Or Handling Equipment Of The Type Used In Factories Warehouses Dock Areas Or Airports For Short Distance Transport Of Goods; Tractors Of The Type Used On Railways Station Platforms; Parts Of The For
8710 Tanks And Other Armoured Fighting Vehicles Motorised Whether Or Not Fitted With Weapons And Parts Of Such Vehicles
8711 Motorcycles (including Mopeds) And Cycles Fitted With An Auxiliary Motor With Or Without Side-cars;
8712 Bicycles And Other Cycles (including Delivery Triccycles) Not Motorised
8713 Carriages For Disabled Persons Whether Or Not Motorised Or Otherwise Mechanically Propelled
8714 Parts And Accessories Of Vehicles Of Headings 8711 To 8713
8715 Baby Carriages And Parts Thereof
8716 Trailers And Semi-trailers; Other Vehicles Not Mechanically Propelled; Parts Thereof