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EXIM Codes

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Indian Custom Duty

Please compile with relevant authority, there might be chances of interpretations or data preparation errors.
Chapter 3: Fish And Crustaceans Molluscs And Other Aquatic Invertebrates

Indian Custom Duty Sub-Heading

Sub Heading Code Sub Heading Description
0302 Fish Fresh Or Chilled Excluding Fish Fillets And Other Fish Meat Of Heading 0304

Indian Custom Duty Products

HS Code Product Description
03021100 Trout (salmo Trutta Oncorhynchus Mykiss Oncorhynchusclarki Oncorthynchus Aguabonita Oncorthynchus Gilae Oncorthynchus Apache And Oncorthynchus Chrysogaster)
03021200 Pacific Salmon (oncorhynchus Nerka Oncorhynchus Gorbuscha Oncorthynchus Keta Oncorthynchus Tschawtscha Oncorthynchus Kisutch Oncorthynchus Masou And Oncorthynchus Rhodurus) Atlantic Salmon (salmo Salar) And Danube Salmon (hucho Hucho)
03021900 Other
03022100 Halibut (reinhardtius Hippoglossoides Hippoglossu Hippoglossu Hippoglossus Stenolepis)
03022200 Plaice (pleuronectes Platessa)
03022300 Sole (solea Spp.)
03022900 Other
03023100 Albacore Or Longfinned Tunas (thunnus Alalunga )
03023200 Yellowfin Tunas (thunnus Albacares)
03023300 Skipjack Or Stripe-bellied Bonito
03023400 Bigeye Tunas (thunnus Obesus)
03023500 Bluefin Tunas (thunnus Thynnus)
03023600 Southern Bluefin Tunas (thunnus Maccoyii )
03023900 Other
03024000 Herrings (clupea Harengus Clupea Pallasii ) Excluding Rivers And Roes
03025000 Cod (gadus Morhua Gadus Ogac Gadus Macrocephalus) Excluding Liversand Roes
03026100 Sardines (sardina Pilchardus Sardinops Spp.) Sarinella (sardinella Spp.) Brilking Or Sprats (sprattus Sprattus)
03026200 Haddock (melanogrammus Aeglefinus )
03026300 Coalfish (pollachius Virens)
03026400 Mackerel ( Scomber Scombrus Scomber Australasicus Scomber Japonicus)
03026500 Dogfish And Other Sharks
03026600 Eels (anguilla Spp .)
03026700 Swordfish (xiphias Gladius)
03026800 Toothfish (dissostichus Spp.)
03026910 Hilsa
03026920 Dara
03026930 Pomfret
03026990 Other
03027000 Livers And Roes

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