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Indian Custom Duty

Please compile with relevant authority, there might be chances of interpretations or data preparation errors.
Chapter 29: Organic Chemicals

Indian Custom Duty Sub-Heading

Sub Heading Code Sub Heading Description
2916 Unsaturated Acyclic Monocarboxylic Acids Cyclic Monocarboxylic Acids Their Anhydrides Halides Peroxides And Peroxyacids; Their Halogenated Sulphonated Nitrated Or Nitrosated Derivatives

Indian Custom Duty Products

HS Code Product Description
29161100 Acrylic Acid And Its Salts
29161210 Butyl Acrylate
29161290 Other
29161310 Methacrylic Acid
29161320 Salts Of Methacrylic Acid
29161400 Esters Of Methacrylic Acid
29161510 Oleic Acid
29161590 Other
29161910 Undecylenic Acid
29161920 Bismuth Compounds Of Unsaturated Acyclic Monoacids
29161930 Potassium Compounds Of Unsaturated Acyclic Monoacids
29161940 Sodium Compounds Of Unsaturated Acyclic Monoacids
29161950 Esters Of Unsaturated Acyclic Monoacids Not Elsewhere Specified
29161960 Sorbic Acid
29161990 Other
29162000 Cyclanic Cyclenic Or Cycloterpenic Monocarboxylic Acids Their Anhydrides Halides Peroxides Peroxyacids And Their Derivatives
29163110 Benzoic Acid
29163120 Benzyl Benzoate
29163130 Methyl Benzoate
29163140 Sodium Benzoate
29163150 Benzocaine (ethylpara-amino Benzoate)
29163160 Orthochloro Benzoic Acid
29163190 Other
29163200 Benzoyl Peroxide And Benzoyl Chloride
29163400 Phenylacetic Acid And Its Salts
29163500 Esters Of Phenylacetic Acid
29163600 Binapacryl (iso)
29163910 Cinnamic Acid
29163920 Bismuth Compounds Of Aromatic Monoacids
29163930 Potassium Compounds Of Aromatic Monoacids
29163940 Sodium Compounds Of Aromatic Monoacids
29163950 Esters Of Aromatic Monoacids Not Elsewhere Specified
29163990 Other

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