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EXIM Codes

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Indian Custom Duty

Please compile with relevant authority, there might be chances of interpretations or data preparation errors.
Chapter 29: Organic Chemicals

Indian Custom Duty Sub-Heading

Sub Heading Code Sub Heading Description
2939 Vegetable Alkaloids Natural Or Reproduced By Synthesis And Their Salts Ethers Esters And Other Derivatives

Indian Custom Duty Products

HS Code Product Description
29391100 Concentrates Of Poppy Straw; Buprenorphine (inn) Codeine Dihydrocodeine (inn) Ethylmorphine Etorphine (inn) Heroin Hydrocodone(inn) Hydromorphone (nn) Morphine Incomorphine (inn) Oxycodone (inn) Oxymorphone (inn) Pholcodine (inn) Thebacon (in
29391900 Other
29392010 Quinine Alkaloids
29392020 Quinine Hydrochloride
29392030 Quinine Sulphate
29392040 Chloroquine Phosphate
29392050 Benzeneacetic Acid Alpha-hydroxy-alpha-phenyl 1-azabicyclo[2.2.2.]oct-3-yl Ester
29392090 Other
29393000 Caffeine And Its Salts
29394110 Ephedrine Alkaloids
29394120 Ephedrine Hydrochloride
29394190 Other
29394200 Pseudoephedrine (inn) And Its Salts
29394300 Cathine (inn) And Its Salts
29394900 Other - Theophylline And Aminophylline(theophyllin
29395100 Fenetylline (inn) And Its Salts
29395900 Other - Alkaloids Of Rye Ergot And Their Derivativ
29396110 Ergometrine (inn)
29396190 Other
29396210 Ergotamine Tartrate
29396290 Other
29396300 Lysergic Acid And Its Salts
29396900 Other
29399100 Cocaine Ecgonine Levometam-feta-mine Metamfetamin (inn) Metamfetamine Racemate; Salts Esters And Other Derivatives Thereof
29399900 Other

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