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EXIM Codes

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Indian Custom Duty

Please compile with relevant authority, there might be chances of interpretations or data preparation errors.
Chapter 38: Miscellaneous Chemical Products

Indian Custom Duty Sub-Heading

Sub Heading Code Sub Heading Description
3808 Insecticides Rodenticides Fungicides Herbicides Anti-sprouting Products And Plant-growth Regulators Disinfectants And Similar Products Put Up In Forms Or Packings For Retail Sale For As Preparations Or Articles (for Example Sulphurtreated Bands Wi

Indian Custom Duty Products

HS Code Product Description
38085000 Aldrin (iso); Binapacryl (iso); Camphechlor (iso) (toxaphene); Captafol (iso); Chlordane (iso); Chlordimeform (iso); Chlorobenzilate (iso); Ddt(iso) (clofenotane (/nn) 111-trichloro-22-bis (p-chlorphenyl) Ethane); Dieldrin (iso Inn) Dinoseb (iso)
38089111 Aluminium Phosphite (for Example Phostoxin)
38089112 Clacium Cynaide
38089113 D.d.v.p. (dimethyl-dichloro-vinyl-phosphate)
38089121 Diaginal
38089122 Methyl Bromide
38089123 Dimethoate Technical Grade
38089124 Malathion
38089131 Endosulphan Technical Grade
38089132 Quinal Phos
38089133 Isoproturon
38089134 Fenthion
38089135 Cipermethrin Technical Grade
38089136 Allethrin
38089137 Systhetic Pyrethrum
38089191 Repellants For Insects Such As Files Mosquito
38089192 Paper Impreganated Or Coated With Insecticide Such As D.d.t. Coated Paper
38089199 Other
38089210 Maneb
38089220 Sodium (penta Chlorophenate (santobrite)
38089230 Thirm (tetra Methyl Thiuram Disulphide)
38089240 Zineb
38089250 Copper Oxychloride
38089290 Other
38089310 Chloromethyl Phenozy Acetic Acid (m.c.p.a.)
38089320 2:4 Dichlorophenozy Accetic Acid And Its Esters
38089330 Gibberellic Acid
38089340 Plant-growth Regulators
38089350 Weedicides And /weed Killing Agents
38089390 Other
38089400 Disinfectants
38089910 Pestides Not Elsewhere Specified On Included

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