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India Hs Classification Code

Please compile with relevant authority, there might chances of interpretations or data preparation errors.
Chapter 62: Articles Of Apparel And Clothing Accessories Not Knitted Or Crocheted

HS Codes SubHeading

Sub Heading Code Sub Heading Description
6217 Other Made Up Clothing Accessories; Parts Of Garments Or Of Clothing Accessories Other Than Those Of Heading 62 12

HS Codes Products

HS Code Product Description
62171010 For Articles Of Apparel Of Cotton
62171020 For Articles Of Apparel Of Synthetic Fibres
62171030 For Articles Of Apparel Of Wool
62171040 For Articles Of Apparel Of Silk
62171050 For Articles Of Apparel Of Regenerated Fibre
62171060 For Articles Of Apparel Of Other Fibres
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62171070 Stockings Socks Sockettes And The Likeof Cotton
62171090 Other
62179010 Collar Cuffs And The Like Of Cotton
62179020 Of Silk
62179030 Of Wool
62179040 Separately Presented Removable Linings For Raincoats And Other
62179090 Other

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